Mytilus – Blue Mussel

MYTILUS is a learning application.
Specially designed for use on school computers, it may be used in the classroom.
ONLINE available is the application at any time in any Internet browser and requires no software installation!
SIMPLE and user-friendly usable immediately by students and teachers without special computer knowledge.
AUDIO-VISUAL mediated content by vivid 3D animations and spectacular live-action footage.
PLAYFUL , pupils can measure themselves. In addition, knowledge competitions between classes and schools can be organized.
DIDACTIC prepared and implemented with multimedia technology making this interaction a very special learning environment for schools.

for learning application:
(Access on request)

Addressees recommendation : 6 – 12 class
Subject: Biology – Zoology – Invertebrates – Mollusks
Topic: Mussel
Content: outer & inner construction, nutrition, respiration
Media: Film, interactive learning application, worksheets
Language: German
Movie Length: 10 min

Mytilus – Blue Musselxr3d